Saturday, 28 March 2015

Healthy, Quick and Easy Lunches! *Collab*

Need some inspiration for some healthy quick and easy lunches for; work, school and college or even a day out? Then you've come to the right place buster! 

This post is in collaboration with the amazing DaintyFlowersxo!! Do not forget to check out her blog and her post because she has some mind blowing recipes lined up for you! 

I'm a Pescetarian (vegetarian but I eat fish) so if you're a meat lover be sure to add whatever you like to my recipes! *If you would like to know more about pescetarianism and why I'm a pescetarian, leave a request in the comments below and I will do a pescetarian themed post*

This first lunch idea is an egg pasta salad. It tastes so good and fills you up! Plus it is super healthy. All you will need is some eggs, pasta and some vegetables of your choice! I have also made my own egg yolk dip, which to some sounds revolting but trust me it tastes amazing!! What you need to do is to scoop out the egg yolk and mash it with mayonnaise (for the freshest nicest taste) and there you have it! It's smoother than hummus and it really does taste amazing! 

My second lunch idea is very similar but without the pasta and with beans too. If you don't like eggs or beans, just substitute the two but I loved this combination! I also made a bean dip where I mashed the black eye beans with chive cream cheese! 

This next recipe is not that healthy however I had to add it (Note this is a picture of my grandma's food, the chicken isn't mine haha) Jollof rice! Everyone loves jollof rice! Sometimes I just dump some into a container and take that to school! It's one of the most tasty dishes and is African (so why wouldn't you want to take this bad boy to school)!?

Or... Major life hack... buy it from the shop!! (which is probably really unhealthy and filled with sugar, and very expensive) So on second thoughts.. don't.. haha

Next a drink recipe! 

This next recipe is one of the quickest, easiest (not healthiest however) idea's ever and I love it!! I even put it in my 'List of things to do when you're bored'

You can never go wrong with this peanut butter and banana shake!

  • 1 banana
  • 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter
  • 2 cups of milk 
  • Ice cream of choice (optional)
  • Ice 

That's it for today! I hope that this post has inspired you to make healthier lunches for wherever you may be going!

p.s. Don't forget to check out DaintyFlowersxo's post! and .... I did not get braces *whoo, streamers, partyyy*  (you will understand if you read my post before the previous one ;) ).

Thursday, 19 March 2015

What's On My Phone!

Today I'm going to show you all what is on my phone!
I have a food collab with Daintyflowersxo coming up in a week or two so get excited for that!

My phone is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and I love it! It's quite a big phone which make it even better (for me anyway haha). I have totally 'DIYed' my phone and I love how it looks. I made this 'You Don't Know My Password' wallpaper so if you would like it, be sure to email me or leave me a comment on Pinterest!

This is my second lock screen, *I have 18 missed calls which I know is terrible but I have a dentist appointment today and I forgot to tell my friends so they're all at school and wondering where I am haha*
I got my lock screen picture from one my favourite apps called CoCoPPa! I love it so much and I have even made a few icons and wallpapers myself which you can check out! My username is : PeaceFirestone. 

This is my homepage and again all the Icons I have, I downloaded from CoCoppa!
I love the app and I love how the icons make my phone look. I had to download them individually from thousands of icons so there isn't an exact copy of my layout on my phone. However if you see certain Icons that you would like then feel free to check out my download history on Cocoppa!
The background wallpaper I again created myself using PicsArt and I will upload it to my Pinterest if you would like to use it too!

This is my second normal screen and as you can see I have all of the basic apps and seven minute workout on this page. 7 minute workout is a great app that gives you fun/difficult exercises to do. You can chose how many circuits and how long you want each exercise to be! You can also set yourself reminders for when to work out! I love it and you should download it! 

My first folder along the bottom is all my social media! My instagram is private at the moment but I will make a public one ASAP. My snapchat is public and is: PeaceFirestone. I do not have twitter at the moment but again I will make one ASAP, You can find my Pinterest here! My vine account is: peacefirestone and the icons along the bottom are my bestfriend's contact cards.  
A little side note, My Duff isn't actually a Duff at all (If you know what I'm talking about) It's just a joke, all of their contact names are jokes :).

My next folder is full of all my blog apps, and links to my blog, my bestfriend's blog and a blog that I helped to design!

This is my folder of apps that I use to edit/make any pictures.

These are all the games that I like to play regularly. And yes I do still play make up games! 

My last page has any other apps that I use and shopping apps along the bottom. Quizlet is an amazing app, It's a revision app that allows you to create your own flashcards and quiz yourself on the questions and answers and much more! It's a great app that a small YouTuber introduced to me and you can see 
her revision video here:

Here is another great revision video that I really enjoyed watching! (I will also be uploading a revision post very soon)!

Well I'm off to the dentist to see if I need braces or not (I really hope that I don't)! 
I really hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Monday, 16 March 2015


You know those days where you go into full panic mode because you have 'nothing' to wear and you are running out of time and everything you have, you hate (even though the day before you found something that totally rocked)! 

Have no fear! Peace is here!

Just throw on some skinny jeans and a cool tee with comfy shoes! If you want to dress it up a little just simply tuck in your T-shirt and pow! You're done!

Want to make it even better? Add an awesome jacket and some bracelets and you're ready to head out of the house confident and feelin' fresh! I'm the type of person that really doesn't like to spend too long on clothes and getting dressed so I live for those moments when you throw something on and you're like "get in, this actually looks good!".

With clothes, fashion and styling always just be you, if you like to follow the latest trends then do it! If you're more like me and one day you'll be all 'punk rock' and the next super fancy *like you're going somewhere important* and the day after that you look like a flowery hippy goddess then do it! 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Just Chillin'

I'm back from school accepting the calm vibes at my Grandparents' house, not really doing anything so I thought ... Why not do a laid back post, right now?!

Let's talk music! 

I've recently just been catching up on R5 and their interviews and things. 
With them I'm just guaranteed to smile and Rydel recently had a tea party with all her girls and it looked awesome! She even included the R5Family and asked us all to tweet her pics of us having our own little tea parties! It was so cute and the videos posted on Instagram were so funny! (Their insta accounts are @officialR5, @rydelr5, @rossr5, @rockyr5, @rikerr5 and @ratliffr5) Also check out @rylandR5 too he's awesome and their 'manager' ;). I'm also so excited for Riker to be on Dancing With The Stars!! I just know that he's going to kill it!! I really, really, really, really want to see Rydel on it too!! 

I love R5 to the moon and back! (which you all know, because I write about them so much) but they are really worth checking out! They're so funny and really care about their fans the R5Family. Their music (can't forget about the music) is amazing and you can totally jam out to it all the time!

They recently did a mash up of three songs (all covers) in one of their latest concerts and I fell in love with it!

I have also just made my spotify playlist public, which you can check out here!

My fave songs right now are:

See ya'll next time!
Keep your eye out for a food themed collab with Daintyflowersxo coming up!
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