Saturday, 30 May 2015

Bozos... ~ How To: Survive In The Jungle

Unfortunately at school there can be some really nasty people. Utter Bozos who just do not have a clue and love it when you feel like this:

There are various ways to deal with mean people e.g. be horrible back, ignore them or even teach them a lesson Disney Channel style. 
The only problem, is that these methods don't make you feel any better about yourself. In fact they can make you feel worse. You need to have the confidence to rise above whatever's being said or done so that it doesn't affect you at all. *If you are being seriously bullied or hurt, telling someone is always the first step towards gaining the confidence to make things right :)*

Not 'going with the flow' and being like everyone else is one of the best things that you can do at school. Don't be scared to show people who you are, how awesome you are and how fearless you are. Who cares about what other people are saying? Half of them don't even mean it and are completely jealous of your confidence, radiance, sass and achievements. 

You don't have to like what everyone else likes and you don't have to dislike what everyone else dislikes. You are your own person, with your own feelings and thoughts! The same person that is giving you grief about what you believe, may feel the same way but are too scared to show it. 

No matter what you do, someone, somewhere will always have something to say about it. So why care?! If you feel like it's the right thing to do, do it. Do what makes you happy! Not Matilda in French class!

Instead of worrying about what other people think of you, worry about what you think of yourself. Are you always the person that you want to be?

It's easy to feel like you're doing the wrong thing, to give into peer pressure and do something for the sake of it. Especially when it involves your best friends but the truth is, if they really are your friends they will respect your decisions and they won't make you feel bad for doing something different or not being able to join in. 
If they're the ones acting like bozos then maybe it's time to make some new friends...

Be who you want to be! Love who you are and LIKE WANT YOU WANT TO LIKE, if you love something that someone else doesn't, who cares?! It makes you smile and that's all that matters!


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Summer Haul and Look Book 2015

I've been searching for a new look that really represents my style this summer! It's actually such a tough task, my mum kindly took me shopping and we picked up some pretty cool stuff!

I won't write much but instead let you have a look through the pictures and make a judgement for yourself :)

All Tops: Matalan (apart from red jumper)
Trousers: TK Maxx (including red jumper)
Shoes: Debenhams (Wedge heels with bow from Marks&Spencers)








This is a close up of the shoes that I wore in this lookbook and shoes that I have gotten recently :)

*p.s. Ignore my feet peeking out at random places in some of the pictures haha*

I hope that you enjoyed this post and have gained some inspiration for what to wear this summer. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do more fashion themed posts!


P.s. Have you checked out my Curiosity Killed The Cat page?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Curiosity Killed The Cat ~ 1 #CCMYBABY

Welcome to the First Edition of Curiosity Killed The Cat!

Curiosity Killed The Cat is my new series where I find and Interview, Bloggers and YouTubers that will rock your socks off.

Chloe Cook aka ccmybaby is a Blogger, Designer and Artist that is always pondering how and why the world is how it is. She isn't afraid to ask questions or to try and figure out the unknown. She loves to share ideas and learn something new! Miss Cook is also well known for her intricate stunning hairstyles and is a beauty guru to a certain extent ;). 

I had the pleasure to interview the lovely Blogger and she gave me some hilarious and surprising answers!





Message to her readers: 
"This is my first collab with a blogger which is amazing! Thank you guys so much for reading my blog! Love you all, stay tuned for a Rydel Lynch Style Steal Post and maybe even a cheeky video ;) Bye My Babies and I will CC You Later"


Chloe's Links: Insta: @cracracloclo 
                  Twitter: @ccmybabyxo 
               Pinterest:  Chloe Cook/ccmybaby
           Google Plus:  +Chloe Cook 

I hope that you enjoyed this fun little interview and get excited for next month's edition of Curiosity Killed The Cat!


p.s. If you would like to be interviewed do not hesitate to email me ( or contact me on any of the other social networking platforms above!

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