Saturday, 18 July 2015

Giveaway Unboxing ~ How To: 'A Not So Bummer Summer'


I was lucky enough to win a giveaway a few weeks ago. All of the products are from Bath and Body Works and I was so excited to receive them since there isn't a store in the UK. Everything smelt as good as I thought that they would and my favourite of the three is the Body Mist. 

After receiving the cute parcel (thanks again Chloe) a fun idea came to mind. 

An all Summer Best Friend Swap Box!

During the Summer you could put some cute things into a box e.g. strange/cool sweets from the country that you're in, funny holiday pics, cute things from the souvenir shop or something Summery that you've made! That way your best friend can have a piece of your Summer and some of your memories. It would be almost as if you spent the whole Summer Together! :)


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