Friday, 30 January 2015

A Trip To The Crystal!

Today I visited The Crystal!
It's a building that is run by solar panels and wind power -from wind turbines- plus the water that they use in the kitchen and toilets its mainly collected and filtered rain water!

They also have interactive activities to teach others (in simple and complex ways) how to be sustainable and look after the planet!

We had an introduction the The Crystal and we watched an interesting video, which I would love to show you but unfortunately can't.

Then we were free to look around...

I really enjoyed visiting The Crystal and even though I wasn't there for very long I did learn some new things and have become even more interested in Sustainability and helping our planet.

If you would also like to visit The Crystal here is the website! 

*I am not sponsored by them in any way*

I hope that you enjoyed this post! 

Comment below which display you liked best!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

What's In My School Bag!

It seems like it's been a long time since I've posted something new! 
I haven't been able to pay much attention to this blog recently because the teachers in my school randomly announced in an assembly 'Oh your whole year group is going to have exams in the next three weeks to help you get used to the idea of synoptic exams'.
So I have been revising like crazy and only paying attention to my school work but... now exam week is over I can post again so lets get started!

In my free time I have seriously been enjoying watching a whole load of back to school videos and backpack essential videos and so I thought I would do a similar post.  
I have also been watching revision and study tips videos and I will definitely do a post more about exams and useful ways to revise around April/May when it's relevant to more people :).

My School Bag

I really like this bag and it is from TK Maxx, it is a Brampton bag and was £79.99, (which is very expensive for a school bag but my mum wanted to buy a bag that was very good quality and that I could use for many years, since I go through about 4-5 bags each year).

In the front pocket I always have my keys, my oyster and a packet of tissues.

In the small compartments of my bag I always have: My glasses, Body Spray, Soap and Hand gel.
People always ask me why I carry soap around, It's because my school toilets don't ever have soap (which is disgusting) so soap is a must for me.

Next I have a water bottle ... which is pretty self explanatory!

My school planner which is really ugly and compulsory , I wish we could bring our own, or at least DIY them but it's classed as 'graffiti'.

I have my headphones because I like to listen to music to and from school and also because I can't stand using the ones the school provide for ICT etc;

Next I have my makeup bag full of paracetamol tissues, fishermen's friend lozenges plus lady essentials. 
I always have a tub of cream for when my hands, knees and elbows get dry, a reading book, a small notebook and a maths set (that I only carry around when I have maths that day).

School books...

My pencil case an umbrella and a ruler

In the last pocket I have a hairband lip products and face wipes, I also keep my phone in this pocket but I forgot to photograph it whoops!

I am always told that the amount of lip products that a carry around for school is ridiculous but you never know what you feel like wearing so it's better to be prepared right?

That is all I have in my school bag, I hope that you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas!
If there is anything that you think I have missed out be sure to comment down below <3 and let me know if you want more school related posts in the future! 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Fears and Phobias

Everyone is afraid of something (understatement of the century) whether it's small spaces or older kids. 
Or even tapping that celebrity that just walked past on the back and saying hi!

The problem is : How to overcome that fear, how to rise above it and be able to state 'I'm not longer afraid'. One thing that fear does is it holds you back and one of the ways to overcome it is to find the hidden reasons why you are scared of it and what you would have to do to lose that fear.

I'm no where near fearless and I have trillions of small fears and a few phobias but there is one significant fear that I have conquered over the past three years... The fear of getting involved and out there in my school community.
I was rejected so many times in primary school (due to teachers and students always picking favourites). I have a 'don't care' attitude that they almost destroyed and it did result in me giving up. I wanted a chance to shine and it didn't ever come. I did get a good role in my year 6 production and was/am grateful for the feedback from it but it was too late. I was sure that I was talentless and no one would appreciate what I had to offer.

When I got to secondary school I carried on being a wallflower.
I barely got involved and stayed on the sidelines.
I then did something that definitely changed the way I looked at things. I decided to enter a writing competition that was open to Year 7-9 and as a year 7 pupil I actually won! 
If I hadn't faced my fear of disappointment and rejection and if I didn't put myself out there I wouldn't have known that my writing was appreciated by people other than my parents and others actually enjoyed reading my stories.

After three months I transferred to a different school and instead of tucking myself away I started getting involved in extra curricular clubs and activities and doing things that I have learnt a lot from and will be useful in the future.
If I hadn't gathered the courage to do something so scary but so simple, I would not have a blog or have met the many friends I have made from other year groups and classes.

Facing your fears can take you so far and you will feel a lot better when that massive hand pulling you back disappears and you're no longer afraid.

And please remember,


ps. If there is a fear in particular that you are proud of defeating, I would love to see them in the comments below

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