Saturday, 25 July 2015

Zee Jams ~ How To: 'A Not So Bummer Summer'

One of the best things about Summer is just being able to lie down, close your eyes and turn up the music!

A lot of my friends think that I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to music because I find it hard to dislike songs but I also find it hard to crown my top three. I have over twenty-two genres of music on my phone (which I did not know was possible to have) so don't be surprised if I'm talking about R'n'B and then suddenly switch to 'Sofia The First'.  

Here is a list of songs that I've been loving so far and are constantly on repeat.

Avril Lavigne. Avril never, ever gets old. You can always count on me to rock out to one her classics. Her music is loud and unapologeticly feisty. Just what you need to pump yourself up for a good time.

See what I mean about the twenty-two genres? haha. What can I say, any girl like me never misses a chance to embrace her inner princess and create her own tragic story. My favourite song from the album is "Belle". Belle and I share similar characteristics and I didn't even realise it until I listened to the song. 

I love, love, love Sabrina Carpenter. She's just so sweet and smiley and each song is so meaningful and true. I love listening to music by people around my own age and hearing their stories.

When 'Loyal' came out I instantly became a fan of these two artists as a duo and was really excited when Fan of A Fan came out. My favourite song from the album is their single Ayo. 

The first time that I heard about Shawn Mendes, I thought that he was very sweet and very cute. His songs just put a big smile on my face and I really like the sound of his voice.

This song makes me laugh because it's just like the music that used to get on my latest nerve at primary school. The song is fun and makes me smile and is so happy and upbeat.

Ariana is probably one of the only artists that I used to actually dislike. I liked her on Victorious but just wasn't a fan of her music. My Everything turned that around. I really like the song One Last Time and I always find myself playing it again and again. 

Kid Ink is one of my favourite rappers and I have been listening to 'The Movement' a lot recently. I also really love his song with Chris Brown called Show Me but The Movement gives me a huge surge of confidence.

This song literally makes me want to cast all of my worries aside and smile and dance! It's just so fun!

After seeing the films I became obsessed with the Acapella covers and remixes. My best friends and I always end up randomly breaking into song at school because of this album haha.

I was so excited for this song and when it came out my literal reaction was "What the..." and I was really disappointed, but it's the kind of song that eventually grows on you and once I actually listened to the lyrics I saw that it promoted some real girl power.

One of my best friends got me into this song so Ileana, I have you to blame sister.

Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2 scream Summer. The songs have influences from the 60s and are super fun just like the films. I love the lyrics from the songs and all the character's fun and quirky names.

I kept hearing snippets of this song on YouTube videos and I finally found out the name of the song and I love it. It has a grungy feel to it but instead of having a loud guitar filled background, it's electronic and builds and fades each time that it gets to the chorus.

I have been playing this so much that I'm so surprised that I'm not tired of it yet. It has the best beat and I can't stop singing "1738" (which I'm guessing is meant to be 17:38). 

Along with Nicki Minaj and Avril Lavigne I like listening to Drake's older music. Take Care is a duet with Rihanna and I really like it. 

I just like History ok, haha. This song is a real classic and I automatically feel like I've been transported to the 40s when I listen to it. 

Good Girls is loud, very pop/rock and naughty in a way. What more could you want in the Summer? ;) 

I found Kat Dahlia's song 'I Think I'm In Love' on vine and fell in love with it. It's a Summer 2015 favourite for sure.

I left the best until last. R5 dropped their second album this month and I wasn't even surprised when I heard new funkier music. I knew that this album was going to be amazing. Their music has insanely developed and my favourite songs from the album are Lightning StrikesDid You Have Your Fun?Dark Side and I Know You Got Away

That's the end of my long list of favourite tracks for the Summer. I hope that you're having a great Summer! Comment below fun things that you've done so far and some of the songs that you've been loving this Summer! 


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Giveaway Unboxing ~ How To: 'A Not So Bummer Summer'


I was lucky enough to win a giveaway a few weeks ago. All of the products are from Bath and Body Works and I was so excited to receive them since there isn't a store in the UK. Everything smelt as good as I thought that they would and my favourite of the three is the Body Mist. 

After receiving the cute parcel (thanks again Chloe) a fun idea came to mind. 

An all Summer Best Friend Swap Box!

During the Summer you could put some cute things into a box e.g. strange/cool sweets from the country that you're in, funny holiday pics, cute things from the souvenir shop or something Summery that you've made! That way your best friend can have a piece of your Summer and some of your memories. It would be almost as if you spent the whole Summer Together! :)


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Curiosity Killed The Cat ~ 3 #ITSACTUALLYELSA

Welcome to the Third Edition of Curiosity Killed The Cat! #CKTC is a blog series where I find and Interview Bloggers and YouTubers that will rock your socks off!

+ItsActuallyElsa Xx Is one of the cutest bloggers out there! She always has a kind message to share and her posts are unique and interesting with a distinct "Its Actually Elsa" feel to each one! 

Continue scrolling to read all of her funky answers ;)!

P.s. I have added a little game to this post. Hidden in each question is a letter. Together, all of the letters spell a word that links to Elsa's personality. The first correct answer will get to suggest 3 questions for the November edition of #CKTC! 

Message to her readers:
"Hey everyone I'm so happy [that I'm] doing this interview so thanks for reading it. I love you all, hope your okay and make sure to keep reading my blog and Peace’s blog! Bye!"

Elsa's Links: 
Be Sure to come back and read next month's post with a Blogger/YouTuber ;)!

p.s. If you would like to be interviewed do not hesitate to email me ( or contact me on any of the other social networking platforms above!
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