Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve

I think we can all agree that in the internet world and real life 2014 has been a very eventful and dramatic year.

I'm really excited for 2k15 <<(I wonder if people will say that next year or if it's just a 2014 thing). I think 2015 will be better than 2014, I just have a really good feeling about it -- but don't we all at this point in time.

Most people set classic resolutions or goals for the year but I decided to do something a bit different.

I wrote three notes to myself and put them in a '2k15 envelope'.

In the first note I reminded myself what a new year means. 
The second note was an 'I hope you are doing this' check list with a set of goals that I should be trying to attain and aim for.
The third note contains reasons why I should be happy and be more optimistic about everything.

After that I wrote notes to myself for each month of the new year: Such as notes to keep me motivated and working harder also things that make me smile and forget the bad times :).

Other ideas that actually work for people is creating a colourful 'bucket list' with inspiration for what they would like to achieve. Instead of tucking it away and not looking at it until the next year, stick it on your wall so it's there and 'in your face' all year long.

Another nice thing to do next year is to have a Jar/Box and each day (or whenever you feel like it) fill it with things that made you smile. So when you are upset you can just flick through all the things that have made you happy so far, or you could write names in the jar of people that made you smile and what they did to make you feel good about yourself, reminding you about the important people in your life.

These are a few ideas to help you focus on what is important next year.

Happy New Year!!

I hope all goes well for you


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Saturday, 27 December 2014

December Favourites

Winter is probably my favourite season.
This year in particular everyone went crazy for autumn or 'Fall' but I just patiently waited for winter tee hee. I just love the fashion and the colours. It's always a nice transition from bright summer colours and the in-between Autumnal and Springlike themes.

One of the blogging traditions seems to be a favourites post and there have been a few things that I have been loving through December that I would love to share with you.

Sabrina and Rowan

Both of these ladies star on Disney Channel's Girl Meets World. At first I thought I wouldn't like the show but my sister convinced me to watch it (Since she loves Boy Meets World) and I genuinely like the TV show. Not only that but Sabrina Carpenter has an EP which I absolutely love called 'Can't Blame a Girl for Trying' (my favourite song is Middle of Starting Over because my best friend and I can really relate to it).
I also love the Girl Meets World theme tune (the full song) 'Take on the world' it's just a really fun song and has an empowering message which is nice.

Make Up

Make up isn't anything I have ever been interested in before. I used to like it when I was little to feel 'grown up' but now I see it from a very different perspective.

Make up is a work of art and your face is the canvas. Through make up you can create a certain message and image of you that you want people to see. You can create a character that you want to be. It's not for everyone but it's open to anyone.

A little food for thought...

Now onto my Make Up favourites!

True Beauty Palette

This Palette was gifted to me (by my best friend) and the colours really suited my style and skin tone, it was really fun to experiment with and it didn't irritate my skin (which for me is one of the main things to look out for).

True Beauty Lip Pens

I generally love lip pens and the colours again suited my style and skin tone. The only disappointing thing about this product is that it is not very hydrating but all shades do look quite nice with a clear gloss coat.

Baby Lips or 'Ba Ba Lips' as my friend calls them

I have been a fan of Baby Lips for a while and so I decided to go for a bolder colour 'Pink Shock' I really like this shade and would reccommend it to those who incorporate a lot of Medium-Dark purples and pinks in their wardrobe.

Purse and Backpack

Pleather Back-Packs have been a real trend these past months and my grandma kindly bought a Brown one for me. I just love it because it looks small doesn't weigh much but has so much space inside! I picked up my purse in Primark because my other one went missing and I actually really like it. the colour and design (or maybe it's because I stuck R5 inside :)). 

Last But Not Least...


As everyone must know Zoe Sugg (Known as Zoella on YouTube and Her Blog). Released a book last month called 'Girl Online' and I really enjoyed the book, no matter what gossip is circling, I still think it is worth picking the book up.

My friend lent me these books and I really enjoyed the two that I read (Lola and Isla). My friend did advise me to read the first book before the others but I didn't *whoops*. I would still reccommend all three books as the plot for 'Anna and the French Kiss' seems as though it has many twists and turns and it starts with her parents leaving her in Paris which catches my attention. I love family dramas... Or any book with drama!

This an amazing Trilogy that I love by Veronica Roth. The characters and the story was on my mind for weeks and I could not stop talking about it! The book Divergent is way better than the movie trust me ;).

One More Thing...


You all probably think I am crazy, I mean Ice Cream. In a December Favourites! But... I love Ice Cream and as a special theme for each favourites post I'll put a flavor that I was addicted to that month or one you may not have tried.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

I just want to wish you reading this a very Merry Christmas, 
I hope you have/had an amazing day !!


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Day Before Christmas aka Christmas Eve

It is in fact Christmas Eve... 'yay'
And I am writing a 1000 word story for Homework 'whoohoo'.
I actually love writing stories, when It's something I like and want to write about. Not when you have a theme already picked out and you have to write from that. 

I'm writing a new story in my spare time which features a character called 'Jazza Mayler'. Her dad died three years ago in a car accident which made her mother emotionally paralysed and that leads to her mum's best friend AJ (a very eccentric edgy woman) having to look after them both. AJ ends up not being able to cope and something terrible happens resulting in Jazza having to go and live with her grandmother that she has never met before and leaving her perfect popular clique (which are infamous for causing a-lot of trouble) and being forced to go to a posh private school.

What this all has to do with Christmas Eve, I have no idea

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Zee Morning Before Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas eve...
erm wait, what? Ok.
It's going to be 2015 in a few days and it still seems way too foreign and 'far into the future'. 
Life really is short and I know that I'm no where near the normal age to say it but it is.

As a little kid the years seemed to go by very slowly and you would be restless for the new year because it was so... special now it feels like the world is rushing and one year doesn't feel like 365 days.

Anyway enough of all this reflective stuff. I can't wait until Christmas. To open presents.. but seeing family is great too. 
I never seem to get into the whole 'Christmas spirit' thing until now 'zee morning before Christmas eve' but I'm sure I'm not the only one.. or maybe I am. 

One thing is for sure I. Do not. Want. To go. Back. To school!

The Christmas Holidays have literally just started but already I'm worrying about Homework and deadlines, I just want to be out of school and into the real!
School life is so boring, I just want to grab my qualifications and get the hell out of there! (even though that's not what I promote at school but that's a whole other story). Merry Morning Before Christmas Eve!

I just looked on YouTube and saw R5's new music video for their new single Smile, it is just life
Check it out

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