Saturday, 5 September 2015

Urban Herbivore ~ Restaurant Review

On one of my Canadian adventures, I stopped by a restaurant called Urban Herbivore.
As soon as I spotted it I loved the quirky name and it's Eco-Friendly theme.

At Urban Herbivore you can chose from a wide range of sandwiches, soups, salads, deserts and drinks. I chose the 'Llama' which was the smallest salad (but still massive to me) and it tasted really good! I highly recommend it and think that it is perfect for on the go.

I have been obsessed with Iced Teas and Frappés recently, so I tried their Iced Tea and it didn't disappoint! (My Mum wasn't a very big fan of it though haha). 

I noticed that they list the ingredients for each dish on the menu. It gave me an idea *insert light-bulb emoji*. Whenever I'm stuck with packed lunch ideas for school and the beauty guru videos on YouTube just don't cut it, I'll adapt recipes from my favourite resrurants (e.g. The Panda Salad) and add other things that I like to make it unique ;). 

The lady behind the counter was really kind and gave me a free cupcake when I told her that I would write a review of the restaurant :)
The cupcake was gluten free (a plus for people with allergies) and was literally so yummy! 

Urban Herbivore is definitely a place that you need to check out, if you ever find yourself in the 6.  (They even do catering)!!


Friday, 4 September 2015

My Trek Through The 6

When this post is published I'll be kissing Summer goodbye and hopping into the car, on my way to a new school year and jumping into Drama's old trap. 

Fun, right!? haha

I'm actually excited for this new academic year. I will be starting my GCSEs (more daunting than exciting) but will also be in Year 10 and one step closer to ruling the school ;).

As one more little farewell to dear old Summer, here is a photo reel of my North American voyage! 

Enjoy x

I snap-chatted a lot during this holiday and will continue to snap-chat regularly. Add Me if you'd like to see OOTDs and snippets of what I'm up to (including mini hauls and random ideas).

Snapchat: wwosecrets
I hope that you all enjoyed this post! Be sure to come back tomorrow to read a review of Urban Herbivore. A restaurant suitable for all! x


Monday, 17 August 2015

10,000 PAGEVIEWS & Titanic Shakes

Last night I hit over 10,000 pageviews! 

When I made this blog I wasn't even sure if it would become a long term hobby or if I would get bored somewhere along the way and I definitely did not expect to hit 10,000 pageviews this soon!

I haven't even reached a year of blogging yet! haha

Thank you to everyone that reads my blog and to anyone reading this that may have clicked on my blog title for the first time. :)

Now onto the Titanic Shakes!!!

I am a complete sucker for all things cold. I eat anything freezing all year round (which would make sense if I didn't live in London haha). 

One of my most favourite things to make are Titanic Shakes.

All you will need to make a Titanic Shake is :

  • Fruit

  • Ice

  • and Milk 

(you can add other things like whipped cream and sprinkles and chocolate sauce).

The first thing that you need to do, is to put all of the ice that you want to use into a blender.

Don't blend the ice into smithereens because when you put it all into the cup, you want it to form a big glacier.

Once you have blended the ice and scooped out and into the cup, put the cup to the side and start to blend your fruit with the milk.

I used a banana because banana shakes are my absolute favourite but you can use whatever you want to use!

Next add whatever you want to it! It can be a very healthy milkshake or super unhealthy. Mine started off as a healthy milkshake and then I added chocolate sauce so... what can ya do? hehe.   

And voilà! There you have it your very own Titanic Shake, Courtesy of Peace Firestone! It is obviously very cold and can look really fun if you experiment with it! 

I hope that you enjoyed this post and thank you again for 10,000 pageviews! x

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