Friday, 4 September 2015

My Trek Through The 6

When this post is published I'll be kissing Summer goodbye and hopping into the car, on my way to a new school year and jumping into Drama's old trap. 

Fun, right!? haha

I'm actually excited for this new academic year. I will be starting my GCSEs (more daunting than exciting) but will also be in Year 10 and one step closer to ruling the school ;).

As one more little farewell to dear old Summer, here is a photo reel of my North American voyage! 

Enjoy x

I snap-chatted a lot during this holiday and will continue to snap-chat regularly. Add Me if you'd like to see OOTDs and snippets of what I'm up to (including mini hauls and random ideas).

Snapchat: wwosecrets
I hope that you all enjoyed this post! Be sure to come back tomorrow to read a review of Urban Herbivore. A restaurant suitable for all! x

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