Saturday, 9 May 2015

Current Random Favourites Summer 2015

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't posted a 'Favourites' since December! So I thought that it was about time that I did another :).


I have re-discovered my love for books recently and have read two in the last two-three weeks. 

First I read 'What Katy Did' and really loved the story! I tried to read it in year five and just didn't like it but now that I'm older, I really do appreciate the characters, plot and message at the end. It was such a lovely read and I do recommend it, especially to those who are a bit stuck with what to read next. I won't give too much away but if you like a book with twists adventure and an older style, you will adore this book!

I have always loved Diary of a wimpy kid and no surprise at all the newest book is hilarious and another great read! It is very simple however and I got through it in one day. If you're bored and the only other option you have is surfing the net, I highly recommend reading this book! 

I am currently in the middle of this book and again it is one that I tried to read in year five. I actually did like the book at the time but was tempted by Jacqueline Wilson and put it down and didn't ever finish it. I am seriously loving it so far and I loved Adeline Yeh Mah's introduction.


I went to see this film with my besties and loved it! Thanks to Rocky tweeting about it, I knew about the film before everyone in my year group (I always know things first because of R5 lol). The film was funny and it was awesome to see Bella star in a film and Robbie Amell on the screen again (haven't seen anything that he's been working on since True Jackson VP haha). There is also a book that came before the film that I can't wait to read. If you love films starring our generation and high school and things like that you'll really love this film.

I was watching TV with my grandma and Footloose randomly came on, I didn't think that I was going to like it but she made me watch it and BOOM, I fell in love with it just like that. I love musicals and films set in a different period of time to the present. I liked it better than Grease (although I haven't seen Grease in a while so it can all change).

I have always loved The Sword In The Stone (and the name Arthur). If you haven't seen this film already please go and watch it because it's funny and I really love the story. (I can't wait to read the real version 'King Arthur').

This next film is not one for any younger readers.
I was bored and watched this film expecting a story line based around racial injustice and a big fight for equality but this film hit the nail on the head and was more about identity. Instead of teaching you a bit about history it makes you think about the choices that you make as an individual. 

This is my favourite TV show at the moment. It is Canadian and airs in the UK on CBBC. It's about amazingly talented dancers and is in a reality TV show style. There is so much Drama and I love it! If you liked nickelodeon's 'Dance Academy' then you will love this!

This one is a no brainer. I've loved this show since 2012 (when Rockers and Writers first aired in the UK). If you haven't seen it before go watch it! It will put a smile on your face!

I love talent shows and this one is no exception. The auditions are so funny and there are some really talented people out there! I am loving this year's BGT!

This was one my my mum's favourite TV shows and now it's mine haha. It is hilarious and I fell in love with all of the characters so quickly. I just love this show!

My sister adores EastEnders and has me hooked. I love drama so I guess the overrated EastEnders is perfect for me!


The RDMA's weren't too long ago and although I didn't watch the whole show I did watch a few performances! R5 rocked it as usual and it was hilarious when Ross Crowd surfed and they shoved him back on stage!

One performance that just blew me away was Sabrina Carpenter's performance of  'We'll Be The Stars' and 'Eyes Wide Open'. It was truly amazing and I'm so proud of her!

R5 and Sabrina both have new albums! Sabrina's is out now and I ADORE it and all of the songs on it. R5's Sometime Last Night will be out July 10th so go and pre order it! They wrote it in their garage ;).

You can check out my spotify music playlist here


Here is a list of things that I have been loving 'Food wise'

  • Dried Fruit
  • Smoothies
  • Detox Water
  • Ice Creammm
  • Watermelon sweets 
You have to try all of those!! They are heaven!!


I love these sisters alot! Alexi (left) is an extremely talented singer whose voice I simply adore and Ava is a stuning actress, model and beauty guru! You are making a huge mistake if you don't check those two out!

Flick is an Australian 15 year old YouTuber whose content is so relatable and advice is really helpful! She is a lover of many fandoms and easily makes me laugh. Why wouldn't you want to check her channel out!? 

Alexa Mae is my favourite YouTuber! She is fun, creative and bubbly and I enjoy all of her videos! You have to check her channel out because she is an internet personality that makes my day brighter!

This favourites post seems to have been really long (but then again, they always are). I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration and found something new to fall in love with!
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